Implementing the Viator Partner API

The Viator Partner API comprises a set of endpoints that can support the operation of a fully-featured tours and experiences booking website or application; or, it can be integrated with your existing travel-booking software.


We are deprecating our V.1 API on December 1, 2023

On December 1, 2023, we are removing access to our V.1 API. Any existing V.1 integrations must move onto our v.2 API. Please see our Upgrade Path for more details.

Getting started

1. Familiarize yourself with your partner type

While we have one Viator Partner API, there are endpoints that are only available to a certain partner type. You can be one of the following partner types:

  • Affiliate (Basic Access)
  • Affiliate (Full Access)
  • Affiliate (Full + Booking Access)
  • Merchant

Learn more about affiliate access levels →

2. Read our Technical Guide

This guide gives a high level overview of our API, its endpoints, and a few use cases.

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3. View our API Documentation

Our documentation provides you with everything you need during your development.

Open API Documentation →

Stay updated on new things from Viator

New product search capabilities on the Viator Partner API

We’ve recently launched a new endpoint that makes it possible to search for relevant products.

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PlacePass sees increase in bookings after implementing v2 of the Viator Partner API

“A month after completing the V2 integration, we’ve already seen a 78% month-over-month increase in bookings…”

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New Structured Data Capabilities and Faster Response Times on Viator’s Merchant API

We introduced a number of machine-readable fields across products, availability schedules, and booking data, offering our merchant partners a higher level of customization.

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V.2 of our API is now available for all partners

If you’re on V.1 of our API, upgrade now to take advantage of new features.

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