Implementing the Viator Partner API

The Viator Partner API comprises a set of endpoints that can support the operation of a fully-featured tours and experiences booking website or application; or, it can be integrated with your existing travel-booking software.

Viator Partner API Implementation Guides

What partner type am I? Merchant or affiliate?

While we have one Viator Partner API, there are endpoints that are only available to a certain partner type. Below, we’ve outlined some key differences to help you understand which partner type you are.

viator merchant api

“Merchant” partners

A merchant integration is a robust and complex integration, and requires a deposit to be paid prior to development

Transaction occurs on partner's website

Partner is merchant of record

Partner handles customer service

Partner can markup or discount pricing

Affiliate API illustration

“Affiliate” partners

An affiliate integration is less complex than a merchant integration and does not require a deposit to be paid prior to development

Traffic is redirected to Viator to complete transaction

Viator is merchant of record

Viator handles customer service

You earn a commission everytime a product is booked

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