We listened to your feedback & improved access to Viator’s full inventory through V.2 of our API

V.2 is optimized workflow for bulk ingestion

Get all products

Ingest Viator’s full inventory using V.2 endpoints


Optionally filter products

Filter products based on your business needs

Update catalogue

Refresh only the products which have been modified

The V.2 API increases booking conversion by leveraging structured data. Additionally, it offers new features and new tools for efficient bulk inventory management.


Structured data

Use restructured, machine-readable data to increase your conversion. Data structuring updates enable comprehensive customization, deep filtering options (product quality, starting locations, itinerary types etc.), and simplified merchandising.

Modified-since endpoints

V.2 introduces modified-since endpoints for product and availability ingestion. These new endpoints enable partners to only update cached data which has changed, greatly reducing request load.

Real-time availability & pricing

V.2 provides simplified real-time availability and pricing, enabling partners to show consistently accurate data as their users prepare to book.

Booking hold functionality

Using V.2’s new booking hold function, partners may reserve availability while their users submit purchase details.

Streamlined reviews endpoint

Our v2 reviews endpoint comes with functionality not available on the v1 endpoint, such as:

  • filtering reviews by provider 
  • supplier responses
  • traveler photos (accessed previously through a separate endpoint)
  • helpful votes
  • choosing to include non-primary 
  • filter machine-translated reviews
V.1 V.2
Structured data X
Products/availability modified since X
Booking hold functionality X
Bulk availability ingestion X
Bulk product ingestion
Complete product details
Request-level product filtering
API health monitoring

V.2 offers more efficient inventory management

4x faster

product ingestion
(average of 42ms)

20x faster

availability ingestion
(average of 16ms)


products or schedules can be
ingested per request

“A month after completing the V2 integration, we’ve already seen a 78% month-over-month increase in bookings.”

– Ethan Hawkes, CEO of PlacePass