Travel Content Solutions

Easily connect your website to Viator’s supply with affiliate links and dynamic widgets to monetize your traffic more effectively. Links and widgets can be used in conjunction, giving you flexibility and variety when integrating our solutions into your website or platform.

Affiliate links

Viator’s travel affiliate links are “in-text” hyperlinks of any tour, category, or destination page on Links are the easiest and fastest affiliate solution to implement, making it an ideal solution for smaller travel affiliate partners, such as travel bloggers.

How it works

  1. You create your link using our “Create a link” tool
  2. You embed links on your website or other marketing channels
  3. Your site visitor clicks on the link and is directed to
  4. They make any booking within 30 days of accessing your link
  5. You earn 8% commission on each product they book


The Viator widget is a simple, customizable, and mobile-friendly piece of HTML code that you embed on your website. It pulls in tours and activities directly from Viator and displays them on your site featuring an image, title, price, and review rating.

How it works

  1. You create a widget using our widget builder
  2. You embed the widget on your website
  3. Your site visitor clicks on the widget and is directed to
  4. Your site visitor book products on
  5. You earn 8% commission on each product booked

Key benefits


Quick and easy implementation

Both our affiliate links and widgets are both easy to create and easy to integrate with your website or platform.

Viator customer service

Customer service requests and issues are all handled by Viator’s strong customer support team.

Viator is merchant of record

You don’t need to worry about providing a secure way to handle payments. We have that covered.

"I like having the affiliate links on my website. Customers are confident in using this tool."

Travel content partner

All-in-one dashboard

We built a dedicated dashboard for our travel content partners to manage, build, and report on their campaigns. Everything can be done easily through our self-service dashboard. From your dashboard you can:

Create affiliate links and widgets

Report on your success

Export reports to a CSV file

Keep track of payouts

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