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Easily connect your website to Viator’s supply with affiliate links, dynamic widgets, and display banners to monetize your traffic more effectively. Links and widgets can be used in conjunction, giving you flexibility and variety when integrating our solutions into your website or platform.

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Over the past few months, Chris has earned AU $5,000 making “money in his sleep”

Using Viator links, widgets, and banners, the founder of SafeTravels monetized his site, making thousands in just a few months.

Amer Experience creator utilizes Viator widgets to capitalize on a “new type of travel business”

Using banners and widgets, Lassi has been able to revolutionize his sources of income, generating money through merchandising Viator products on his website.

Key benefits


Quick and easy implementation

Both our affiliate links and widgets are both easy to create and easy to integrate with your website or platform.

Viator customer service

Customer service requests and issues are all handled by Viator’s strong customer support team.

Viator is merchant of record

You don’t need to worry about providing a secure way to handle payments. We have that covered.

Live example

Below is a widget promoting the top two Food & Drink Classes in Mexico City.


The Viator widget is a simple, customizable, and mobile-friendly piece of HTML code that you embed on your website. It pulls in tours and activities directly from Viator and displays them on your site featuring an image, title, price, and review rating.

How it works

  1. Create a widget using our Widget Builder
  2. Embed the widget on your website
  3. Your site visitor clicks on the widget and is directed to
  4. Your site visitor book products on
  5. You earn 8% commission on each product booked


Similar to the banner ads you see across the web, the Viator affiliate banner uses imagery and ad copy to grab the attention of your customers and encourage them to purchase a Viator tour or activity.

How it works

  1. Create a banner using our Banner Builder in under a minute
  2. Embed the banner onto your site
  3. Your site visitor clicks on the banner and is directed to
  4. They make any booking within 30 days of clicking on your banner
  5. You earn 8% commission for each product booked

Live example

A 300 x 250 sized banner with messaging promoting discounted experiences.

We also support popular banner sizes of 120 x 600 and 728 x 90 that are suitable for all devices.

All-in-one dashboard

The Performance tab of your Viator dashboard is your go-to spot for checking in on how your content is performing. In the Performance Trends section, you get all your must-know numbers in one place – with key metrics like visitors, bookings, gross commission, and more right at your fingertips. The Link Alert tool helps keep your content up-to-date by sending alerts when a Viator experience becomes inactive. Navigate to the Performance tab of your dashboard to:

View performance trends

Update inactive experience links

Export reports to CSV

Track payouts

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