Discover Viator Selector

Finding and sharing top Viator experiences with your audience has never been easier.

Search, filter, and find top experiences

Say goodbye to overwhelming choices and dive into a world of simplicity with Viator Selector, an all-in-one tool for finding activities, filtering down to the most popular experiences, and creating affiliate links to share on your blog, website, or social media channels. With Selector’s exclusive Excellent Quality and Best Conversion badges and its easy link-generating tool, it’s simple to promote top experiences that get you bookings.

Here’s how to use the exciting tool:

Step 1 – Discover

Getting started with Viator Selector is a breeze! Head to the tool from your dashboard or go directly to Once there, use the search bar to browse experiences by typing in keywords, destinations, or even categories, and select your preference from the dropdown.

Step 2 – Filter

Filter search results to show only the most relevant ones for your audience. Use our handy filters, like Viator Selector’s exclusive Excellent Quality and Best Conversion filters, which help you promote popular, top-ranked activities that excite your audience.

The Excellent Quality badge highlights highly-rated experiences loved by Viator travelers, while the Best Conversion badge includes experiences most likely to be booked. Combining both badges helps you curate a collection that’ll captivate your readers! Also, check out other helpful filters like Time of Day, Duration, and Specials to help you find that perfect experience for your content.

Step 3 – Select and Generate Links

Once you’ve found the perfect experience, it’s time to promote it in your content. Generating your affiliate link is simple with Selector – just look for the “Create a link” button in the fixed header on every page. You can generate links for specific experiences, categories, and even destinations!

TIP: Don’t forget to add a unique campaign name to keep track of your link’s performance. In the “Create a link” popup, enter a descriptive name for your campaign, like “Barcelona October Campaign.” Finally, click “Copy link, and your customized link is ready to be shared with the world.

Step 4 – Share and Earn

Now comes the fun part – sharing your links with your readers! Embed the generated link in your website, blog content, or social media posts – wherever your audience loves to read your content the most. Whenever someone clicks on your link and books an experience, you’ll earn commission once the booking is completed. It’s that easy.

Viator Selector is the ultimate tool to simplify your search, create links, and share experiences effortlessly. So, what are you waiting for?