Viator’s Affiliate API Solution

Viator’s Affiliate API allows you to integrate Viator’s vast product inventory in a scalable way. Through the API you have access to all our product information like images, titles, and descriptions which you can implement into your website while maintaining your onsite brand and user experiences.

A seamless user experience for your customers

Customer visits your website or app

They first navigate to and interact with your user experience.

Customer clicks on a Viator product on your site

The Viator product is integrated into the design and layout of your site.

Customer is redirected to corresponding Viator page

Your tracking parameters are passed via cookie so you’ll receive credit for the purchase.

Customer adds their tour to the Viator shopping cart

They’ll be able to check availability for the exact date and time, as well as read reviews.

Customer purchases product and receives Viator voucher

Viator is the merchant of record and will handle all customer service inquiries.

Read our technical guide for more info

Learn how to use our API to integrate Viator tours and activities on your platform.

Implement our product inventory into your branded experience

Our product taxonomy allows you to implement our products at scale across your website, mobile app, platform, or emails while maintaining your brand experience.

Choose what you want to include

You can easily include destinations, categories, subcategories, and attractions so that you only incorporate the products you or your audience would want- either through search endpoints or through free-text searches of the product description.

Extensive product details available

Product information is incorporated through the Affiliate API and displayed on your site, allowing you to recreate a Viator product page directly on your site within your branded experience. Information such as descriptions, photos, reviews, logistics, and more are all available.

Customer care features

Viator is the merchant of record and handles all customer service. The API allows you to pull in our customer care touchpoints, such as the terms and conditions, URLs for FAQ pages, and URLs for customer care pages.

Cross sell opportunities

Your integration can pull in related experiences for a given product, allowing you to provide cross sell opportunities to keep your audience engaged and to maximize your conversion opportunity.

Why partners are choosing Viator’s Affiliate API?

Earn 8% commission

You’ll earn commission on each and every product booked by your users within a 30 day cookie window.

Leverage Viator's customer service

Everything from providing vouchers to addressing customer service issues will be handled by Viator. You will not need to handle customer service requests.

Expansive global supply

Viator has the largest supply of online bookable tours and activities, with over 395,000 products in over 2,500 destinations


Fit Viator’s product content into the design or layout of your platform however you want in multiple languages.

Offer promo codes to your audience

Encourage your audience to take action by offering promo codes to be used on all of Viator’s product inventory.

Products in 28 languages

Many of our products have been translated, allowing you to scale our inventory across multilingual websites.

What is included with the Viator Affiliate API?

In addition to the API providing what is mentioned below, merchant partners can multi-filter our product inventory, such as filtering for best products, specific categories, destinations, linked attractions and excellent products so they can create their own catalogue of high-quality products. Partners can also easily manage bookings by using the API to verify booking status or to process cancellations.



Product descriptions


Real time availability




Pickup/drop-off options


User reviews

Transaction information



COVID-19 safety features

Special offers

Viator's taxonomy

Geographic data


Cancellation policies

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