Tap into the booming travel experiences industry with Viator at your side

Our partners across industries connect to Viator’s Affiliate API to merchandise highly sought after travel experiences – all while earning commission on every booking.

Access 300,000+ experience with Viator's Affiliate API

Choosing Viator means you’ll have a trusted partner by your side.

Stay on track with help and guidance from Viator
  • Easily guide yourself through API development using our documentation and guides
  • Get direct development support from our dedicated implementation specialists
  • Post-development support to help grow your business
Access our unmatched global supply of tours and activities
  • Easily filter tours and activities to fit customer preferences
  • 2,500 destinations places no limits on your growth
  • Over 300,000+ tours and activities means there’s something for everyone
Worry about making money, not about the nitty gritty
  • Viator’s award-winning customer service team handles customer service issues for you
  • Don’t worry about handling payments and issuing refunds – we’ll take care of that
  • We manage relationships with suppliers, holding them to strict quality standards

Viator’s Affiliate API empowers a network of partners across categories

Rewards & loyalty

Navigation & map


Mobile apps

Metasearch & OTAs

Itinerary builder

Technology builder

Recommendation engine

Craft the user experience you and your customers want

Merchandise products the way your customers want

We provide you with all the product information you need, from descriptions and photos to traveler reviews and itineraries, all structured in a way that makes it easy for you to present our products to your customers.

Include only the products you want

Through easy product filtering, you can choose which products you want to sell to your customers. Filter by product type, category, destination, review rating, and more.

Customize integration with Viator Affiliate API

Choose your customers’ checkout experience

You can choose to either refer your traffic to viator.com for the final transaction or you can choose to keep your customer on your site by using one of our affiliate payment solutions.

Refer traffic to viator.com


Get paid for any booking made


30 day cookie window


Easiest implementation


For Basic and Full Access integrations

Embed an iFrame on your site


Pre-built solution for a quick integration


Has some control over look & feel


3DS support


Full + Booking Access only

Build a custom checkout


The most customization on the front end


Allows for multi-vendor carts


Full + Booking Access only

Frequently asked questions

Are there any signup costs?

No. There are no costs to sign up and there are no costs to get additional API access.

Are there any prequalifications?

By creating an affiliate account, you’ll immediately get Basic Access to our API.

To request additional access (e.g. Full or Full+Booking Access), you will need to meet basic qualifications.

How do I earn commission?
  • Basic Access and Full Access: if you refer traffic to viator.com, you’ll earn a standard commission rate on any experience booked within 30 days.
  • Full + Booking Access: If you use one of our payment solutions, you’ll earn a standard commission rate on any experience booked through your API integration
What are the API access levels

There are three levels of access to our API: Basic Access, Full Access, and Full + Booking Access. Learn more about access levels.

What type of data do I get access to?

The type of product data you gain access to depends on your access level.

  • Basic access: product content and availability
  • Full access: product content and availability
  • Full + Booking access: product content, availability, and booking data

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