One link. Multiple ways to earn commission.

Introducing Viator Shop.

Viator Shop is a new tool that lets content creators organize, save and share all of their recommendations with their followers across social media with a single, unique link.

How Viator Shop Helps Content Creators Earn Commission

A Homepage For Your Recommendations

Viator Shop lets you organize all of your recommended experiences in one place, giving your followers more opportunities to discover and book, while you earn commission.

Tip: To add an experience to your shop, click the “heart” icon and add it to a Collection.

Build Bookable Itineraries with Collections

As you add recommendations to your Shop, you can organize them in Collections by location, activity, price-point and more.

Creating themed itineraries gives your followers all the research they need to confidently book, and earn you commission!

Tip: Check out this blog post for inspiration on creative ways to build Collections →

Want to Learn More?

Already set up your Viator Shop? Check out the Viator Partner Blog for more inspiration on how to promote your recommendations on social media.


Where can I access my Viator Shop?

Access your Viator Shop through the Affiliate Tools page, or through the account menu in the top right of Viator Selector.  

How do I add recommendations to my Viator Shop?

To find the perfect experiences to recommend, head to Viator Selector and search by location, activity, price-point and more. Once you find an experience you’d like to add to your Shop, click the “heart” button on its thumbnail image and you’ll be prompted to add it to a new or existing Shop Collection.

How do I earn commission through Viator Shop?

You’ll earn 8% commission any time one of your followers (or potential followers) books an experience through your unique Viator Shop tracking link. So if the cost of an experience is $300 USD, you’ll earn $24 USD as your commission so long as the booking isn’t canceled. 

Click “create a link” from your Viator Shop to create your tracking link to share on your social media channels.

How does link tracking and attribution work for Viator Shop?

You can create unique tracking links to your Viator Shop from the following locations:

  • Your Shop Home Page
  • A Collection Within Your Shop
  • An Experience Within a Collection

When someone clicks through your tracking link from your content, any time they come back to book with Viator in the next 30 days, you’ll earn commission for that booking!

How will bookings and commission from my Viator Shop appear in my Performance Trends data?

When you navigate to your Performance Trends dashboard, any visitors, bookings and commission from Viator Shop will be included in your overall performance data.

To filter by only Viator Shop, select “Viator Shop” in the “Source Type” dropdown.

Is there a Viator Shop Widget?

There is not a Viator Shop Widget at this time. To promote multiple recommendations on your blog or website with Viator Shop, try building Collections of experiences with similar locations, activities or price-points and linking to them from your content!

What will my followers see when they visit my Viator Shop?

Depending on where in your Viator Shop you’re linking to, your followers (and potential followers) will see different recommendations.

  • Shop Home Page: If you link here, your followers will see all of the Collections of recommendations you’ve organized as clickable tiles, and can choose which they’d like to explore.
  • Collections Page: If you link here, your followers will see all of your recommendations within a specific Collection. This could be a trip itinerary, bucket list inspiration, or any other creative theme you can think of.
  • Experience Page: If you link here, your followers will be able to get information on a specific recommendation, and book it directly if they’re ready to.