Viator Shop Collection

As a content creator, you know that every second of your audience’s time is precious. With only 1.3 seconds (or less!) to capture and keep your followers’ attention, it pays to be strategic about sharing your affiliate links. 

Enter: Viator Shop. With Viator Shop, we’re tackling some of the biggest pain points in affiliate link sharing and making it easier than ever for creators to earn commissions across social media platforms. 

Here’s how:

1. One link delivers endless opportunities

Did you ever have to choose between two great products to promote because your bio only had room for one clickable link?

With Viator Shop, you’ll never have to choose which product to promote again. One custom link leads to a digital storefront with all your Viator affiliate products. You can share as many products as you’d like in your Viator Shop and still earn 8% commission on each one.

2. More shared products mean more monetization

Your audience trusts your recommendations—that’s why they follow you. With Viator Shop, they get an entire digital storefront’s worth of your vetted experiences in one place and through one click. If the first experience they see doesn’t appeal to them, they’ll have dozens of others to choose from, all with your stamp of approval. 

By keeping travelers engaged and searching in one place, your chances of earning commission will increase exponentially!

3. Curated Collections let you stand out 

No one knows your audience’s preferences better than you do. With Collections, you can organize your products to meet their needs and drive purchases most efficiently. 

Do your followers love your holiday activity recommendations? Create a holiday-specific Collection with links to every holiday experience featured on your social media posts. 

Maybe your posts with destination-specific itineraries drive the highest engagement. Use Collections to organize products by country or city. 

Collections makes it easy to give your audience everything they want to plan their trip in one place and platform. The marketing possibilities are endless!

4. Mobile-native design

Content creators do most of their work on their phones and on the go. That’s why we made sure that Viator Shop was a mobile-native and mobile-first solution. All Viator Shop tools and functionality are optimized for mobile, making it easy for affiliates to set up and use. No desktop needed.

Don’t worry! We didn’t forget about the customer experience. With Viator Shop, we optimized every step a traveler could take—from browsing your recommendations to checking out—to increase bookings. We removed all friction points preventing conversions to maximize your likelihood of earning commission.

5. 30-day cookie window

Like other Viator affiliate tools, Viator Shop uses a 30-day cookie window. This means you have 30 days to get credit for and earn an 8% commission on purchases made through your original link. 

Don’t underestimate your power to influence purchase behavior. Even if a follower doesn’t book right away, your recommendations and linked products will remain top of mind. So make sure to keep your Viator Shop stocked with products that appeal to every type of follower. A lot can happen to drive a conversion over 30 days!

Viator Shop is making it easier than ever to supplement your income stream through social media. Start earning commission on more products by creating your shop today.

Ready to Share Your Travel Expertise and Earn?

Start creating your Viator Shop collections today and unlock a world of earning potential! With these creative collection ideas, you can turn your travel knowledge into a thriving business.