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Viator’s affiliate links are your key to unlocking a world of earning opportunities. These simple in-text hyperlinks can be embedded anywhere on your website or social media, allowing you to earn whenever someone clicks through and makes a booking.

It’s as easy as this: choose an experience, share it on your social channels (via link!), and start earning commission. This guide will help you unlock the full potential of Viator affiliate links. We’ll delve into everything you need to know, from creating the perfect links to strategically sharing them across popular platforms.

Choosing an experience to promote

Head over to selector.viator.com. Use the powerful new filters on the left-hand side to find the perfect experiences for your audience. Not sure how to choose the right experience? Here are 5 tips for finding high-converting experiences your audience will love.

The beauty of Viator’s program lies in its flexibility. You can link to various URLs, including specific product pages (e.g., an exclusive Bali tour), destination pages (e.g., everything to do in Bali), or even broader category pages (e.g., cooking classes in Bali).

Creating shareable tracking links

Creating your unique tracking links is easy. Once you’ve found the perfect experience, click “Create Link” in the top right corner. Here, you have the option to add campaign tracking parameters (more on that later). Finally, copy the link and get ready to share it!

Pro Tip: Our data shows linking directly to specific experiences often leads to more bookings. So, instead of a general “Things to Do in Paris” page, consider linking to that awesome Parisian food tour!

Tracking your success
While not mandatory, adding tracking parameters to your links allows you to measure performance more in-depth. Adding a campaign tracking parameter will allow you to measure the success of individual links or a group of links so that you can focus on maximizing your commission. Remember, any existing parameters within the link are crucial and shouldn’t be modified

Sharing your links on social media

Let’s delve deeper into strategic link sharing across popular platforms to maximize your reach and engagement.

Your affiliate links deserve a place everywhere you connect with your audience. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different channels and discover hidden gems! Here are some platform-specific tactics to supercharge your social media strategy:


Instagram lets you share amazing travel pics and videos, inspire wanderlust, and connect with fellow adventurers! Here’s how to turn your adventures into shareable content and connect with potential customers:

Creating content:

  • Don’t just tell, show!
    • Showcase captivating snippets of the experience using high-quality photos and videos.
    • Highlight unique features, breathtaking scenery, or exciting activities.
    • Create a sense of urgency to encourage viewers to swipe up before the opportunity disappears.

Sharing your links:

  • Use the link sticker feature within your Instagram Stories. This allows you to directly share your Viator link, making it effortless for viewers to swipe up and access the experience.
  • Sharing a single link in your bio limits your options, but with a tool like Linktree, you can craft a user-friendly landing page that acts as your social media storefront, allowing you to:
    • List multiple Viator links: Showcase a wider range of experiences, categorized or presented attractively.
    • Regularly update your Linktree as you post new content to keep your audience engaged with fresh experiences.
  • In your Instagram posts and captions, encourage viewers to visit the link in your bio to explore your curated selection of Viator experiences.


TikTok lets you share travel adventures in short, fun videos. It’s the perfect platform to capture the energy of a destination and spark your followers’ wanderlust.

Creating content:

  • Attention spans are short on TikTok. Craft engaging videos in the 15-60 second range.
  • Use high-quality footage that captures the essence of the Viator experience.
  • Tell a story through your video, whether it’s a glimpse into a luxurious resort stay, a heart-pounding adventure, or a cultural immersion experience.

Sharing your links:

Unlike Instagram Stories, direct link embedding isn’t available on TikTok. Here are two effective strategies:

  • Link in Bio: Clearly mention your Linktree containing your Viator links in your video description.
  • Call to Action: Verbally prompt viewers to visit your bio for more information and to access the experience you featured.

Pro Tip: Hashtag research is crucial. Use relevant travel hashtags to increase your video’s discoverability. Try targeting specific destinations or activities. Include hashtags related to the location (e.g., #BaliTrip), the experience type (e.g., #CookingClass), or the overall travel vibe (e.g., #AdventureTravel).


Facebook, a platform known for fostering communities and sparking conversations, offers a few ways to promote Viator experiences and strategically share your links. Here’s how to leverage its unique strengths:

Creating content:

  • Grab attention with eye-catching photos or videos that showcase the highlights of the Viator experience.
  • Craft engaging captions that pique your audience’s interest. Briefly describe the experience and its key features and highlight unique aspects or cater the information to your target audience’s interests.
  • Ask engaging questions to spark conversation and encourage interaction.

Sharing your links: 

Facebook offers two effective ways to share your Viator affiliate links:

      • Embed directly: Utilize Facebook’s built-in link-sharing feature to directly embed your affiliate link within your post (via a simple copy and paste). This allows viewers to seamlessly access the experience with a single click.
      • Link in Bio: For a cleaner post presentation and the ability to showcase multiple experiences, add your linktree to your Facebook page and include a call to action directing viewers to that link.

Pro Tip: Facebook boasts a vast network of travel groups. Join groups that align with your niche and the experiences you promote. Engaging in relevant conversations within these groups allows you to connect with a pre-interested audience. When a discussion aligns perfectly with a promoted experience, share your Linktree containing the relevant affiliate link. Remember to follow the group’s rules regarding self-promotion. Avoid excessive self-promotion and prioritize adding value to the conversation!

Before diving into specific tactics, remember the importance of disclosing that you’re using affiliate links whenever you share them. This builds trust with your audience and adheres to FTC regulations. For helpful resources on disclosure, refer to the FTC’s Endorsement Guides.

Tracking performance

Gain valuable insights by regularly monitoring your links’ performance through Performance Trends. Keep a close eye on key metrics like clicks, conversions, bookings, and revenue. These metrics show you how your audience interacts with your links across different platforms and content types.

Take a look at which platforms and content types consistently generate the most clicks, conversions, and ultimately, revenue. This helps you identify what resonates most with your audience and tailor your strategy accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different content formats and platforms! Use Performance Trends to see what works and what doesn’t. For example, if Instagram Stories with swipe-up links for adventure experiences consistently outperform Facebook posts, prioritize creating more engaging Stories.

By implementing these targeted social media tactics, prioritizing audience engagement, and leveraging data for optimization, you can effectively transform your affiliate links into a powerful tool for promoting unforgettable travel experiences and maximizing your earnings. So, unleash your creativity, embrace new platforms, and watch your social media presence grow!