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The Link Alert tool in your dashboard allows you to actively monitor the status of your links and check if you’re promoting any inactive experiences.

Inactive experiences are experiences that have been removed from and are very unlikely to return. By replacing links with Link Alert, you will avoid losing commission when your audience clicks on a link to an inactive experience.

You will also receive a bi-weekly email from Viator, containing any inactive experiences that you’re promoting. If you aren’t promoting any inactive experiences in that period, you will not receive an email.

You must have a Viator Partner account to access Link Alert and to receive these emails.

This article explains every step of using Link Alert, including:

  1. How to access Link Alert 
  2. How to understand Link Alert’s sections
  3. How to replace an inactive experience link 
link alert report page
  1. Log into your dashboard and click the Reports tab at the top of the navigation bar
  2. Click the new Link Alert tab, where you will see any inactive experiences you’re actively promoting on your website. Link Alert will only show you inactive experiences you’re promoting which have generated traffic in the last 21 days.
  3. You will see the following screen if you don’t have any inactive experiences generating traffic in that time frame:
no broken links

You may still be promoting inactive experiences that haven’t generated traffic in the last 21 days, but they won’t appear in Link Alert.