10 tips to make the most of Performance Trends

Viator’s Performance Trends dashboard is a game-changer for content creators and affiliate marketers, offering a direct path to boosting bookings and earnings. This powerful tool enables you to identify the most popular destinations and experiences, as well as spot emerging trends, so you can tailor your content to suit your audience. By unlocking its insights, you can drive more bookings, attract the right audience, and boost your earnings.

Both visitor data and booking data are incredibly valuable – so even if you haven’t earned commission on a booking yet, there’s still plenty of insights you can gather from Performance Trends. Pay close attention to the links your audience engages with and optimize your content based on their interactions.

Location, location, location:

Performance Trends reveals the geographical hotspots driving your traffic and bookings. Take a closer look at what experiences your audience is engaging with and where the experiences are. This intel can help you understand your audience’s travel destination preferences, so you can make more informed decisions about your content. Use this location data to:

  • Target content towards specific locations: Craft guides, reviews, and recommendations focused on popular destinations. For example, if you’re seeing a big spike in Paris, consider writing a “Hidden Gems of Paris” blog series or highlighting unique experiences in other parts of France in your social media posts.
  • Localize your content: Tailor your language, references, and humor to resonate with your audience. Adapt existing content or see if there are partnerships with local influencers you can explore to get more authentic perspectives to use in your content.
  • Diversify your offerings: If certain regions are underrepresented, add content featuring those hidden gems. Cater to evolving travel interests, so you can become a one-stop shop for diverse adventures for every type of trip your audience is planning.

What experiences are turning heads?

We’re not just talking geography anymore. Based on your data in Performance Trends, you can better understand the types of experiences your audience is interested in booking. Are they foodies looking to indulge in food across the globe or adrenaline junkies seeking once-in-a-lifetime adventures? Analyze which experiences drive the most visits and bookings. This reveals your audience’s preferred styles and interests. Leverage this knowledge to:

  • Replicate what works: See which categories, themes, or price points are hot and weave them into your content. If eco-tours are trending, suggest similar sustainable adventures in different locations.
  • Fill content gaps: Notice any popular experiences lacking their own spotlight? Try creating detailed guides, highlighting unique aspects, or comparing similar options.
  • Experiment with new categories: Test content featuring experiences you haven’t offered before. This keeps your site fresh and attracts new audiences with diverse interests.
  • Explore emerging trends: Take a look outside of Performance Trends and see whats trending on social media, blogs, and more. Add new experiences based on your research.

Pro tip: By exploring your Experience Breakdown in Performance Trends, you can find insights that boost your content and bookings. Your Experience Breakdown shows your top 500 experiences, ranked by your selected metric – whether it’s gross commission, visitors, bookings, or visitor CVR. Play around with your metrics to get a better understanding of what experiences work best with your audience. Think about how the metrics play into your overall strategy. For example, if you’re seeing an experience get tons of visitors, but few bookings, think about why that might be. Or, if there are experiences earning you more commission, even when they don’t get a ton of visitors, you might want to feature them more.

When is your audience the most active?

Don’t miss out on seasonal spikes and trending destinations! Performance Trends shows you when your audience is most active, so you can see how traffic ebbs and flows during specific weeks, months, or even years. Stay prepared with top-notch content because when your audience is most engaged, it’s prime time for bookings and earning commission. Use this knowledge to:

  • Schedule strategically: Schedule your content releases to coincide with these high-traffic periods. If you tend to see a spike in bookings in July, make sure you have content prepared to share in the months leading up to July.
  • Embrace seasonality: Highlight experiences relevant to current seasons and upcoming holidays. If you see spikes during certain holidays, incorporate those holidays into your content plan. Seasonality is different across different types of travelers, so keep a close eye on Performance Trends to see if you can notice a crossover between Holidays and peaks in traffic or bookings.
  • Create evergreen content: Balance seasonal pieces with timeless content that’s relevant year-round, like classic city guides (think: Paris, Oahu, London guides) or historical attractions.

Paint a picture of your audience:

Combine these insights to build a profile of your ideal audience. By combining these insights, you can build a detailed profile of your ideal audience. Who are they? What kind of travel are they interested in? This knowledge empowers you to:

  • Speak their language: Forget generic content; use language and references that resonate with your audience. Imagine using foodie slang for a culinary-focused audience or historical lingo for history buffs.
  • Show, don’t just tell: Choose images and videos that reflect your audience’s demographics and preferred experiences. For example, if your audience is booking family-friendly experiences, make sure you’re using imagery that fits that type of travel.
  • Offer personalized recommendations: Suggest experiences based on your audience’s interests and booking patterns.
  • Build a community around travel: Foster engagement through interactive forums, polls, and social media groups to gather deeper audience insights and preferences.

Learn from your campaigns

Leverage campaign tracking. Assign unique names to your links and widgets, allowing you to track specific marketing efforts and see which strategies drive the most traffic and bookings. This data helps you refine your approach and maximize your success

Dive deeper with Campaign Breakdowns, revealing your top campaigns based on your selected metric (gross commission, visitors, bookings, or visitor CVR.) Analyze high-performing campaigns. What landing pages, ad copy, or targeting did you use that resonated with your audience? Replicate these elements in future campaigns to maximize your success.

Remember: Optimization is an ongoing journey. Regularly re-visit Performance Trends, analyze data, and adapt your strategy. The more you understand your audience, the better you can create content that speaks to them!

By using Performance Trends effectively, you can unlock the secrets to content optimization, create a targeted experience for your audience, and watch your earnings soar!