10 tips to make the most of Performance Trends

In the fast-paced world of affiliate marketing, being ahead of the curve is everything. That’s where Viator’s brand new Performance Trends dashboard comes into play. It’s not just a tool; it’s your key to affiliate success. Here’s ten tips for making the most of Performance Trends:

Explore Performance Trends

Familiarize yourself with your Performance Trends. Click around, explore, and get comfortable with its layout.

Understand the Basics

Understand the core metrics— Visitors, Gross Bookings, Visitor Conversion Rate, and Gross Commission. These are the building blocks of your affiliate journey.

Dive into Trends

Trends help you see the bigger picture. Monitor your earnings over time to spot patterns and make strategic adjustments. Pay close attention to the Gross Commission Over Time chart. Is it on a steady climb, or do you notice any dips? Understanding these trends is your first step toward optimization.

Master the Filters

Filters are one of your best tools. Learn how to filter your reports by destination, source type, and campaign. They allow you to zoom in on what matters most to you, helping you fine-tune your strategies.

Regular Check-Ins

Don’t let valuable data go to waste. Make it a habit to check your dashboard frequently. Stay on top of changes as they happen so you can adapt your strategies accordingly.

Set Clear Goals

Define your affiliate marketing goals, whether it’s increased commission, more visits, or higher conversion rates. Use your dashboard data to track progress towards these objectives.

Find Insights

Seek out valuable insights that lead to data-informed decisions. Insights aren’t just observations; they’re actionable information that empower you to make strategic choices and optimize your affiliate marketing efforts effectively. Here are a few examples of how your data can guide you:

  • Example 1: Your Performance Trends show that a specific city destination consistently generates more bookings. This insight prompts you to create more content and add more links and widgets centered around this location to maximize your earnings.
  • Example 2: By analyzing your data, you notice that a certain experience has a significantly higher conversion rate than others. Armed with this insight, you prioritize promoting this high-converting experience in place of other, lower-converting experiences to boost your overall performance.
  • Example 3: Your data reveals that a particular source type, such as widgets, consistently drives more visits and bookings than other sources. You allocate more resources to this source type and fine-tune your widget strategy for even better results.

Optimize Your Content

Use these data-driven insights to refine your content strategy. Identify which types of experiences and categories resonate most with your audience. Create more content around these top-performing areas and watch your performance improve. 

Export and Analyze

Export data regularly for in-depth analysis. Exporting your data allows you to dig deeper and look at specific numbers. Analyze your data in more detail to discover new opportunities and trends.

Use Your Data

Use data as your compass. Rely on the information in your dashboard to make informed content strategy decisions and navigate your affiliate journey.

Performance Trends is a goldmine of data. Use the tool to set goals, analyze trends, optimize campaigns, and refine your content. Regular check-ins will ensure you’re always ahead in the world of affiliate marketing.