TOP 2021 Travel Destinations and Trends

With so many fluctuations in where and how people are traveling, we’re analyzing our travel data to help you stay ahead of the trends and keep your customers engaged.

What’s Included in this report?

High Demand Locations

Where are travelers heading? This list of 2021 travel destinations gives you a glimpse of what’s hot right now. 

Trending Tours and Activities

Check out our top booked tours and activities in each of our top 2021 travel destinations.

Browse our list of most popular destinations and activities and get planning!

2021 travel has seen a drastic change in what activities travelers are looking to book.

Take a look at the charts below for updated info on popular booking activities.

Top Destination Graph

How to use this Information in this report

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There are no limits to where you can include the product links in this report or how you can use them.

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Highlight top trending destinations and products as trending. Travelers are uncertain of the travel landscape, and as members of the industry, we must share with them everything that’s trending to help keep them engaged and to keep our brands at the top of their minds when it comes time to make a purchase.

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