10 tips to make the most of Performance Trends

Do you dream of turning your travel experiences and know-how into income? Create your Viator Shop! This new platform allows you to curate, share, and earn from collections of unforgettable travel experiences – all in one central hub.

With Viator Shop, you’ll have a unique link to share with your audience across all social media channels. The more experiences and collections you create, the more opportunities you have to earn commission on bookings your followers make.

Viator Shop Collections: A Homepage for Your Recommendations

As you add experiences to Viator Shop, categorize them into user-friendly collections. Utilize various filters like location, activity type, and price to make finding and booking experiences easy for your followers.

But how do you organize your collections for maximum impact? Here are 7 creative collection ideas to inspire you:

1. Replicate Your Dream Trips

Share collections with past adventures you’ve documented. Let your experiences inspire your audience’s travel bucket lists!

2. Destination Deep Dives

Craft collections focused on specific destinations. Cater them to different interests, highlighting must-do experiences in each location.

3. Themed Itineraries

Go beyond just listing experiences. Craft collections that act as mini-itineraries for specific interests. You could include winery tours, cooking classes with local chefs, and reservations at Michelin-starred restaurants.

4. Special Occasion Getaways

Capitalize on seasonal trends and holidays. Create collections like “Honeymoon in the Maldives” featuring luxury resort stays, overwater bungalow accommodations, and private couples experiences.

5. Travel Style Collections

Cater to different travel preferences. Offer collections based on luxury, adventure, cultural immersion, or any style your audience craves.

6. Skill Building Adventures

Help travelers learn new things! Following a trip to Italy, you might make a collection including cooking classes with local chefs, market tours to source fresh ingredients, and wine tastings. Or, post-Hawaii, share some experiences where followers can learn to surf!

7. Travel With a Cause

Promote sustainable and socially responsible tourism.  You could feature wildlife conservation tours, stays in eco-lodges, and opportunities to volunteer with local communities.

These are just a few ideas. Get creative and tailor collections to your unique style and audience. Explore special interest collections for history buffs, art lovers, or outdoor enthusiasts. Consider creating multi-day itinerary builders or off-the-beaten-path adventure collections.

Ready to Share Your Travel Expertise and Earn?

Start creating your Viator Shop collections today and unlock a world of earning potential! With these creative collection ideas, you can turn your travel knowledge into a thriving business.