One of the most important first steps to earning commissions through the Viator Partner Program is to understand your website’s target audience. Once you know who your audience is, you’re able to build a connection with them and serve content and Viator products that will appeal to their interests and lead to higher conversion.

You know why it’s important to create content that your audience will find valuable but exactly how do you determine your target audience? We’ve outlined three easy and effective steps below that will allow you to grow your audience and increase your commission with Viator.


Site traffic analytics

Most website and blog platforms have built-in analytics or Google Analytics plugins to track your site traffic and visitors. While there is a wealth of information you’re able to view, we recommend identifying your most popular (and least popular!) pages/articles, audience demographics (including how they found your website), and time spent on each page. This data will help you determine what content your audience resonates with the most, and what needs improvement.

Social media

Just about every social media platform has insights and analytics about your audience to provide you with data showing the breakdown of your followers by gender, age, location, date/time when they’re most active, interests, and much more. This is a powerful and visual tool to see follower trends and enables you to create content that appeals to them.

Analyze feedback

Does your site have a comment section or a contact form? Do you send emails that readers are able to reply to? Do you monitor your social media shares/direct messages? All of these are easy ways to obtain direct feedback from your engaged audience and followers about what content they’re most interested in.


If you’re reading this, you know that to make money from affiliate marketing, you need to create content that will convert your audience from readers to bookers. While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution to increasing your conversion and you’ll need to test out what works best for your site, we’ve listed out a few tried-and-true tips below that our Viator partners have found success with.


Make it personal

Your audience spends time reading your content because it appeals to their interests and meets a need they have for gathering information before or during a trip. With a wealth of sites to choose from, they’ve landed on yours, so stick to your niche and write about what you know.

Viator partners say that their links convert best when they link to experiences that the partner has personally tried. While it’s certainly not feasible to experience every Viator product that you link to on your site, recommendations are the next best thing! Personal stories or explanations with hand-picked products that you would choose to experience will result in higher conversion and commission for you.

Make it specific

Did you know that linking to the Viator homepage (versus a specific product page) is one of the top reasons for a low conversion rate? By linking to a specific product page or category page, Viator partners see a 10% increase in conversion. With over 300,000 products to choose from on our site, we know it can be challenging to narrow down the results to find exactly what your audience might be looking for. For a more curated experience for your audience and higher conversion for you, we recommend replacing your Viator homepage links with one of the following options:

      •  Product page: Use links and widgets to share specific Viator experiences with your audience. One Viator partner finds success by sharing a link to a snorkeling excursion in Hawaii that she enjoyed last year. In addition, she includes a widget with 3 other snorkeling options that are available in the same location. This allows her audience to see recommended options and choose specific products that appeal most to them.
      • Attraction page: If your content includes a must-see attraction in a location (e.g. Eiffel Tower), consider including a link to that attraction’s Viator page, where your audience will be able to read helpful things to know before they go, how to get there, and find a list of all available Viator products for the attraction. Your audience can then filter the list to find what works best for their dates, budget, and specific needs.
      • “Things to do” destination page: If you have city-specific destination guides on your site, our things to do (e.g. Rome) pages are the ideal choice for your content. These pages include the top 10 attractions in the destination, trip ideas, FAQs, and much more. 

Make it convert

We’ve taken the guesswork out of searching for products by sharing with you our top-converting products this month. This list showcases our top-rated and highest quality products around the world that other Viator partners have found to be top-converters. Download the list and filter by destination or product category to find experiences that match your content or will inspire new content.

Looking for more?

Check back each month for new tips and tricks to help you earn more with Viator!