Add widgets to a Wix website

Weebly is free and easy to use tool to build websites and blogs. In this guide, we’ll take you the steps of adding the Viator widget to your Wix website.

Before you start… have you created your widget yet?

Creating widgets is easily done in the “Tools” section of your account. Before you get started, make sure you read our guide on how to use our widget builder.

How to add the Viator widget to a Wix website

widget wix step 1

Step 1

In the editor, select “Pages” from the left menu and find the page on which you would like to put the widget.

widget wix step 2

Step 2

Now select “Add” from the left menu. Then select “Embed” from the list of options. From there you’ll sect “HTML frame.” Move the frame to the location where you want the widget to go.

widget wix step 3

Step 3

Double click on the frame. Once you do, a pop-up will open. Copy the code from the widget builder and paste into the pop-up.

widget wix step 4

Step 4

Make any necessary adjustments to the layout and position of the widget. Then, hit “Save” or “Publish.” Now your widget is ready to start earning commission!

Testing your widget 

Once the widget goes live on your site, you can immediately start earning commission. We recommend double-checking how the widget looks to make sure that it fits in well within the layout of your site on both mobile and desktop.  


Desktop view

widget desktop view

Mobile view

widget wix mobile view